Hello Again

So I have taken a very long hiatus from blogging.  Unfortunately, I have found the it takes a lot of time and energy to write posts and edit photos on top of documenting projects.  I got a bit burned out and wanted to focus more on my kiddos.  There is still lots of progress in the Yoast household so I hope to update ya’ll on things we have been working on since my last post.  I will start with the playroom.  I shared an inspiration board with you several months ago in this post.  Below are pics of the current space:

Playroom Bookcase

All of the furniture was transplanted from other parts of the house.  A few new Dollar Store bins were purchased, the chalk paint, and the bean bags were gifts from Santa.  I made the fabric covered cork boards sitting on top of the bookcase.  I did not use the fabric from my inspiration board because I could only find it in Canada and it would have cost me a fortune to ship.  I love the fabric I used, it’s Waverly Shine On Twill Americana.


The chalk wall is a big hit.

DSC_0013-2 DSC_0013

Labeled bins help the kids put stuff back where it belongs but I will admit most of the time this room is a mess and I just close the door.

DSC_0016 DSC_0018 DSC_0021

The last photo is a DIY art project I made using an old game of Scrabble, some scrapbook paper and an IKEA frame.  It didn’t cost me a dime and I love it!  I hope to have another post for you up soon so stay tuned.

Ikea Expedit: 4th Room’s a Charm

I am a little reluctant to admit that our Ikea Expedit bookcase has changed rooms a staggering four times in our home.  I guess it’s a testament to how versatile it is as a piece of furniture (or maybe it’s the fact that I love to “re-do” rooms).  Let’s review where the Expedit has been and the purpose it has served in each space.

When we first moved into our home we purchased the Expedit to store our kids toys in the family room:

Expedit 1

I liked the functionality of the piece but decided I would rather have a more “built-in” look.  The Expedit was replaced by the bookshelves in this post.  We moved it into our home office which you can see in the picture below:

Expedit 2

I love how much “stuff” the Expedit holds but my two year old was pulling everything she could reach off the shelves on a daily basis and I was sick of kid’s toys all over the family room.  When I purchased the Goodwill bookcases I knew it was time to create a home office in our family room and turn our fourth bedroom into a playroom.  At this point I didn’t really have a place for the Expedit and I even tried to sell it.  Gladly, it didn’t sell and I found a home for it in our son’s room:

Expedit 3

My son’s bed doesn’t have a headboard so I put the Expedit behind the bed for additional storage.  Please excuse this picture, I guess I never took a photo of the bookcase styled and the bed made.  I snapped this shot just before the Expedit’s fourth move.  This photo provides a sneak peak at some of the changes in Mason’s room.  We bought him a loft bed from Ikea to go over his queen but it was too tall for our standard height ceilings and thus we had to cut it down.  The bookcase would no longer fit under the loft bed (more on that later).

And so we come to the Expedit in it’s final resting place.  Someday, when we remodel our master bathroom, it will have to leave the nest but for now it functions quite nicely for bathroom storage:Expedit 4

There were things I needed to store, like swimming towels, that I did not want on display.  To cover the lower eight cubbies, I hung a narrow curtain rod on the front of the bookcase and attached two curtain panels with rings and clips.  The curtain is actually a shower curtain I picked up at TJ Max several months ago.  I cut it down and hemmed it with no sew hem tape.  It works like a charm.  Here’s a closer look:

Expedit 5

Callie’s Big Girl Room Reveal

We finished Callie’s big girl room a few months ago but with the insanity of the holidays I am only now ready to post the big reveal.  I already showed you the bead board wainscoting and the pink wall color in this post.  Since my original post, we have removed her crib (sad face), purchased a full size bed from Ikea along with a dresser and nightstand.  Let’s review my inspiration board and I can tell you where I diverted a bit.

Callie's Big Girl Room Mood Board

The bed isn’t exactly what I wanted.  My inspiration board included this bed from Ikea.  My plan was to spray paint it white for a softer, more girly feel.  However, my local Ikea didn’t carry that bed in stock.  The one we purchased was less expensive than my first option and already white.  My preference is usually for something more simple but since the headboard detail is mostly covered by pillows anyway I gave it a shot.

Callie's Bed

Hack Hemnes Dresser

I love, love, love how the dresser turned out.  It’s the Hemnes dresser from Ikea but with vintage inspired hardware it looks like the high end piece (see pic below) from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  I decided to use some hardware I already had for the top drawers for a little touch of pink.  The remaining pulls were purchased online at Van Dykes Hardware and were very reasonably priced at $4.50 each.

RH Baby and Child Bed

I spread out some the vintage barbie prints on the walls throughout her room as they would have been too close to the ceiling above the height of the new headboard.  The bedding sources are as follows.

1) Pink polka dot duvet is Pottery Barn Teen which I won on eBay for $50.

2) The sheets were purchased for Callie by her Grandmother for Christmas last year – Circo Blossom from Target (no longer available).

3) The euro sham is Restoration Hardware Baby and Child purchased at their outlet store (no longer available).

4) The quilted sham is Pottery Barn Kids Brigette Ruffle Collection.

5) The boudoir pillow is Pottery Barn Teen Pom Pom Organic pillow.

6) The floral white blanket was purchased by yours truely many years ago for our guest bedroom and I think I bought it at Marshalls.

Callie's Big Girl Room Callie Nightstand Callie Dresser Top Callie Doll Dresser

I hope to make a few tweaks to the bedding.  No surprise there, my friends can attest that I have a serious bedding addiction.  I want to purchase another Brigette ruffle sham from PB Kids.  I am going to ditch the RH Baby and Child euro sham for two matching euro shams (see pic below).  I like the sham but I cannot find a mate for it and I am a bit OCD about beds having symmetry.

Harper Quilted Euro Sham

In addition to the bedding changes, I really want to add crown molding to Callie’s ceiling.  We will reuse the baseboard we removed when we installed the bead board since it was brand new.  We will place it upside down on the ceiling and put the crown on top.  This creates a custom, layered look on the crown and beefs it up quite a bit.  I purposely did not do the greatest job of painting the ceiling edge knowing that someday it would be covered by crown molding.  Stay tuned for a post on that project later this year.  We also made some significant changes in Mason’s room which I will post later this week.

Better Late than Never Christmas Crafts

Our family had a very busy holiday this year and I didn’t do a very good job of posting on this blog.  I vow to make a better effort in 2013 and hope to grow the blog a bit.  I have many posts in the works for 2013 and much to share.  I will begin with a few of the craft projects I made for Christmas this year and even though it’s too late for 2012 maybe you can pin them on Pinterest for Christmas 2013.

The first craft project I tackled was to make a Christmas banner and some ornaments.  I bought some red felt snowflake ornaments for a $1 each at Target as the base of the ornament/banner.  I then made fabric flowers, something I have done a hundred times for Callie’s headbands and clips.  I use this tutorial from House of Smiths.  I used a large scalloped circle punch to cut corrugated, white glitter scrapbook paper.  I hot glued the fabric flowers to the paper, glued the paper to the snowflake and finished them off with scrapbook glitter letters to spell (merry) for the banner or an initial for an ornament.  I made a bunch of the ornaments for friends and family.  They looked adorable tied onto gifts for a personal touch.  I chose the “c” for our tree to represent Callie.

Christmas Banner

The banner is glued on thick green ribbon so it wouldn’t twist and turn.

DIY Monogram Ornament

My next project is one of my favorites of the year.  I really wanted to make a yarn wreath and I bought all the supplies to make one yet never found the time.  Not to mention our house has double doors at the entry so I would have to make two wreaths and that seemed too daunting.  So as an alternative I made yarn letters.  I made a few for friends as gifts, some small, some larger and one for our entryway.  I viewed a tutorial ahead of time just to get a feel for it but I ended up using letters that were a little less 3D, as I wanted them to hang rather than sit on a shelf.  I purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby for about $4 bucks.  I wrapped them in natural colored yarn and topped them off with some glitter berries (vase filler from Hobby Lobby) and some faux greenery.  I also attached some red and white ribbon to the top so I had a way to hang them.

Yarn Letter 2

Yarn Letter in Entry

The smaller yarn letters I made for friends would look adorable adorning a stocking.

In October, I decided to get a jump on making an advent calendar for the kids.  I saw this tutorial on I Heart Organizing last year and loved it.  Mason was old enough this year to really get into it which made it SO much fun!  My mom used to buy my brother and I chocolate advent calendars every year when we were kids and it’s such a fond memory.  I knew I wanted to create a calendar where I could put treats inside for each day in addition to an activity.  When I found this tutorial on Pinterest I was thrilled.  Even though the website has a free printable for the days of the week I wanted to make my own.  I created the numbers in PowerPoint as well as the activities.  I borrowed activity ideas from several websites with advent calendar tutorials.

I purchased the tin containers from Joann’s.  I tried to Modge Podge my numbers to the inside back of the tins as described in the tutorial but the glue smudged the ink on the paper so I had to find another solution.  I ended up laminating the numbers and gluing them to the outside fronts of the tins.  I then hot glued the activities to the inside bottom of each tin.  The beauty of doing it this way is that I can switch an activity with a day on the fly (which I had to do a few times this year).  I glued craft magnetics from Hobby Lobby to the back of each tin.  I lucked out and found a 12×12 red, magnetic board at Target for roughly $8 to display the tins.

I did not end up putting candy in the tins this year as my mom bought the kids chocolate advent calendars and I didn’t want them to overdue it on the sweets.

DIY Advent Calendar

Close up DIY Calendar

Advent Activites

Bookcase Reveal

I am so excited to show you this post.  A few weeks back I gave you a sneak peak at some awful 80’s bookcases I got for a steal ($18 a piece) at Goodwill.  Well they originally were going to go in my son’s room but after much deliberation I decided to turn our office into a playroom and move my workstation into our family room.  I am so glad I did because this may be one of my favorite projects so far.

I began by removing all the doors and drawers from each bookcase.  The hardware was inset into the frames so I had to fill and sand a BUNCH. The top portion of the bookcases had been converted to hanging space for clothing, rod and all.   The rods were removed and the holes were filled and sanded.  They already look much better without doors!

I did not take pictures of the steps between the phase above and the finished product.  Sometimes when you are so busy trying to complete a project stopping to take photos seems counter productive.  We removed the backs of the bookcases because they were a bit damaged and I prefer the look of bead board backs.  Once the bookcases were sanded top to bottom I applied a primer coat and then 2-3 coats of paint.  I purchased the bead board from Lowes and had it cut to the correct width.  I also bought MDF and 1×2 trim to create the shelves.  I painted the bead board a dark grey (same color as our lower kitchen cabinets) while my hubby cut the shelves and applied the trim.  The shelves got a coat of primer and two coats of paint.  We attached the bead board, secured the bookcases to the wall with L-brackets screwed into the studs, and created simple brackets for the center shelves to rest on.  I LOVE how it turned out.  In case you are curious, the desk is a piece we already own.  It’s the Incognito Desk from Crate and Barrel and probably one of the nicest and most expensive pieces of furniture we own.  There is a special place in my heart for furniture I bought finished and didn’t have to slave over.  The desk literally fit just perfectly between the bookcases and makes the entire unit feel built-in.  Check it out!

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Callie’s 2nd Birthday: A Whale of a Time

I am so behind on my posts that I am only going to include pictures of Callie’s birthday decor and no “how to’s”.  Per the usual, most of it I made.  If you have specific questions on any of the crafts please make a comment and I will respond to you with the details.

Projects in the works

I have a few half completed projects or ideas that I have been toying around over the last few months.  Below is a sneak peek at what’s to come…

I picked up these beauties at Goodwill for $18 dollars a piece.  They will be transformed to act as office storage for our front room on either side of a desk.  You have to squint your eyes and imagine them without doors and 80’s hardware, painted white with bead board backs.  They will be pretty someday I promise.

This is a project I have already started and can’t seem to finish…hmmm…maybe because it is really time consuming and absorbs most of the patience I try to reserve for my children, ha!  Anyway, it’s in the works and I love it so far.  I will reveal the finished product soon.  You may recognize the stencil from my office closet.

I have decided to turn our office into a playroom for the kids.  I am tired of seeing their toys strewn across my family room every evening and I think it will be better for them and my sanity if I can close the door to a room that contains their toys on those days when I can’t bring myself to clean up one more mess.  In addition, should we choose to add another child to our family I can easily convert the playroom into a nursery.  I am OBSESSED with the floral fabric (lower left) in my mood board.  Sarah Richardson used it in a nursery she designed for her daughter many years ago and I have had my eye on it ever since.

We will also be making some minor changes in Mason’s room.  He desperately wants a bunk bed and with our lack of guest room it would be nice to have the option to put both kids in one room when we have company stay the night.

Callie’s New Room: Part I

It has been so long since my last post that the pictures I include in this post are soon to be outdated (some already are).  We are beginning to transition Callie from her nursery into her big girl bedroom.  Thus far we have painted the room a soft pink, added bead board wainscoting, moved in Mason’s old twin bed and changed out some artwork (twice).

Here’s what the room looked like before:

We moved the crib under the window to accommodate the twin bed.  Callie still stays in her crib without trying to escape so we aren’t in a huge hurry to put her in a bed just yet.

I spray painted the curtain rod antique brass to match the rest of the room’s decor.  It’s sort of vintage and fun!  Below is the best shot of the bead board wainscoting.  The room is a bit crowded with furniture at the moment.

The artwork in this shot has already been replaced.  Yes, I know, I change my mind WAY too much.  I am my own worst critic and many times when I create artwork on my own I don’t like it and swap it out.  I found the wooden tree on clearance at Home Goods for $15.  It was the perfect color pink for her room but it was stained and dirty so I had to repaint it (a similar shade to the original).  The flowers on the wall are from Target and I spray painted them antique gold (they were silver originally).  The name art is an old frame I spray painted and a decal I purchased on Etsy.

So after staring at my handy work in Callie’s room for weeks I saw an idea on Pinterest for vintage Barbie artwork.  I can’t afford to buy the framed prints so I purchased the 2013 Barbie calendar, cut the prints apart, framed and matted them.  The frames were $5 each at Walmart and I spray painted them antique brass.  The mattes were $3 each at Michaels.  You can see my inspiration below.

This is how the frames look in Callie’s room.  I only framed eight prints since I wasn’t in love with all twelve prints.  In more than a few of them Barbie has her eyes closed which I find super weird.  I tried to avoid framing those. I LOVE how it turned out!

So we will move Callie out of her crib in the next few months.  I have been carefully planning the furniture choices for her small room.  Below is my inspiration board for whats to come.

Yard, Yard, Yard

I apologize that it has been so long since my last post but as you can see by this post we have been VERY busy in our yard.  We are pushing to finish the front and back before the height of the summer.  So far so good in regards to our progress. Enjoy the photos!

We had the yard leveled and trenched in the winter so that we could install irrigation below ground and rectify some drainage issues we have during the rainy season.  We installed french drains and irrigation pipe in the spring and covered over the trenches.

We created a walkway in the front yard with a concrete mold and some concrete stain.

We built lattice barriers in front of the propane tank and our pool equipment so we don’t have to look at them.  Rob also replaced the pool equipment with a DE filter he found on Craigslist and poured a new pad for system (Sophie put her stamp on it with a single paw print right in the center of the new concrete).

We installed bender board for the lawn and planting areas and filled in each area with top soil.

Memorial day weekend we assembled a play structure for the kids and filled in the area with playground bark.   The structure came in literally hundreds of pieces but we managed to put the whole thing together in two days.  The kids LOVE it!

This weekend we tackled the sod installation, more planting, more drip irrigation and in the end sheer exhaustion.

This post seems so short in comparison to months of back breaking labor and intense planning.  We are thrilled with how everything is turning out.  We still need to replace the remaining fences, plant flowers and shrubs and spread bark and pea gravel.  We plan to put four garden beds in the side yard (pic above) which we will likely build later this year and plant next spring.  In the midst of the outdoor extravaganza we have also been working on switching things up in Callie’s room so stay tuned for a post on our work inside the house coming soon.

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A Closet Makeover for Mom

Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to write this post.  Last week I re-designed my mother’s closet as a surprise for her birthday.  I can’t think of a more deserving person than my mom and she has been wanting to re-do her closet forever.  She went to San Diego this past weekend to celebrate her birthday and I pounced on the opportunity to makeover her closet while she was gone.

I conspired with her boyfriend, Mike, so that I could scope out the closet in advance and create a game plan.  Mike also left me a hidden key so I could access her townhouse while they were away.  Lucky for me I have installed four closets on my own in our house so I knew exactly what I would need for the job.

Below is a list of challenges in the original closet:

1)  Old, wooden, closet rod and shelf with single row of hang space

2)  Shoes in mismatched organizers on the floor

3)  Mismatched hangers

4)  No concealed storage for hats and miscellaneous items

5)  JEWERY STORAGE…this was my biggest challenge (my mom has a ton of jewelry, it was all over the place and not easily visable)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I began my plan of attack by purchasing three Rubbermaid closet organizers from walmart.com.  I bought the 3-6ft length since none of the closet walls were wider than 6 ft.  I used these organizers in my own home and they work fabulously.  They are configurable and therefore can be tailored to many different spaces.  I purchased the titanium finish since it looks a bit classier than plain white.

I also struck gold when I found two different jewelry organizers (one from TJ Max and the other from Home Goods) in the same finish.  These babies held a TON of earrings.  My mom was storing her earrings in a garage organizer with tons of tiny drawers.  Organized, but not at all functional given she could not see what she had at a glance.  I believe the original organizer can be blamed for the massive number of earrings my mother owns since she could never see all she had.

As far as necklaces go my mom has lots of chunky necklaces and they were stored both inside and outside of the closet.  I scoured the internet for necklace storage ideas and came across a photo of necklaces hung on a towel bar using shower curtain rings.  Genius!  Inexpensive, creative and very functional.

I have learned that the key to a beautiful closet is quality, matching hangers.  For my own closet we use slim line, no slip, hangers from Costco and they work like a charm.  Not only do they hang clothes beautifully but they literally double your hang space because they are so slim.  I purchased four boxes at $10 a piece for my mom’s closet.

As far as shoe organization is concerned I am a huge fan of getting things up off the floor.  Not only can you see them better but you have more room to double hang clothing.  To tackle shoe storage for myself and my mom I use clear plastic boxes that are stackable.  Mine were purchased many years ago from The Container Store but I got my mom’s for much less at Walmart.

It is somewhat difficult to see shoes inside the boxes and so I took pictures of each pair, laminated the photos and attached them to each box using scrapbook Zots.  I haven’t even done this for my own shoes and it turned out wonderfully so stay tuned for post on an improvement to my own closet.

On the day of the install I had both my children with me till 5 pm and still managed to get 95% of the job completed.  I would not recommend trying to demo a closet with young children present but my kids live in a DIY household and know when to stay out of the way.

I emptied the closet of all contents and began to rip the old shelf and rods out using a crow bar and hammer.  I have to admit this part was difficult as my husband normally does the demo for our projects but I managed to get them out without too much trouble.

I then patched the old holes with spackle and painted the wall where the old shelf had been.  The paint hadn’t fully dried when I began to install the new organizers.  First I hung the top rails and then I began to design the layout of hanging space vs. shelving and a designated spot for jewelry.

I switched my design quite a bit from my original plan but it was a snap with the flexibility of the Rubbermaid organizers.

Once the clothes were hung on their new hangers, the shoes were in their boxes and the jewelry was in it’s new home I was ready for finishing touches.  I made labels for the storage boxes, framed a few photos of my kids, added shoe photos to each box, and hung my spray painted Kristaller from Ikea.  Every woman’s closet needs some sparkle, right?

My mom is over the moon for her new closet.  She cried of course and I hope it saves her tons of time and effort each day when she’s getting ready.  I may have to turn this into a side business.  Does your closet need a makeover?

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