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Welcome to my first post!

Welcome to my blog!  I was inspired to begin documenting my projects after perusing others design blogs and after much prodding from my closest  friends. I am first and foremost a mommy, a crafter,  a scrapbooker, a DIYer,  a remodeler,  a wannabe interior designer, an organizer and a shopper.    My husband and I purchased our home (a “fixer”) in November 2010, the “fixing” needed to be done before we could move into the home with our four month old daughter and our two and a half year old son.  The project was ambitious to say the least but it all worked out and we continue to make “improvements” month after month.  Sometimes “improvements” means redecorating rooms that are already “done”.  My husband is a very patient handy man.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my house and my many projects.