Small Changes

This weekend we installed Ikea pictures ledges in my daughter’s room to hold her books.  I love the look, I see it EVERYWHERE on Pinterest.  I was going to use Ikea wooden spice racks since I already have one and they are MUCH less expensive ($3 compared to $10). However, they no longer sell them at my local Ikea and thus picture ledges were my only option.  There is a small expanse of wall space between my daughter’s open bedroom door and her closet that is perfect for the picture ledges.  Truthfully, I was tired of her tearing ALL the books out of her bookcase and I was eager to get some out of her reach.  I’m not a terrible mommy, there are plenty of books in our house that the kids can reach.  I try to keep the kid’s bedrooms as neat as possible so I don’t have messes trailing me around my entire house.

This is what the wall looked like before.  FYI, I do LOVE the birdcage wall hanger and it does a lovely job of housing my daughter’s bows, sunglasses and headbands.  It was moved to another location in the room.  The Shirley Temple collage came down as it doesn’t really “go” with the theme I am slowing incorporating into Callie’s “big girl” room.

This is what the space looks like with the new picture ledges.  I went with three and they each hold 5-6 books.  I reserved the very top ledge for books that were mine as a child and are already in fragile condition.  Yes, one of the books is titled, “How Babies are Made”.  My mother read it to my brother and I as kids and it is HILARIOUS!  It was written some time ago and is so dated that it actually says there is no way to find out the sex of a baby until it is born…LOL.   I don’t plan on reading it to the kids but it’s a piece of my history and I can still remember my brother and I giggling at the pictures.

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