Gift Wrap Organization

I have been wanting to find a better organization solution for my gift wrap, ribbon, tissue paper, and bags for a while now.  I have seen many solutions on Pinterest and other blogs so I bit the bullet and tackled my own storage solution.

I began with an inspiration photo to emulate.

I recently used a back of door/wall hung organizer from Target for the garage and I knew it would work perfectly for this project.  The organizer is Closetmaid and is only $35.  I originally wanted two since I have a double door closet in my hallway but I settled for one and I am glad I did because the hanger is too long for one door and I was able to break it up and hang part of it on each door.

I began trying to hang the rack from the door with the door hangers that came with it.  That was a bust.  My door wouldn’t close all the way.  So I needed to screw into my hollow core doors to attach the rack.  How do I do that?  Google search begins.  Hello new best friend, hollow core door anchors!

Next step:  Have husband pre-drill door holes.

I use a phillips head screwdriver to screw the anchors into the holes instead of the drill to avoid over tightening.  We placed four screws in each door to support the racks.

I attached the “extra” rack to the other door and filled them with wrapping supplies. Ta-da!

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