Fences, Fences, Fences

My husband spent another beautiful weekend in the yard building fences.  This time he had some help from our neighbor building a shared fence between their backyard and our front yard.  He was on his own building a pedestrian gate and fence to close off our side yard.  I didn’t help much as I was on kid patrol but the fences turned out great!

Here is a picture of the side fence before.  The photo was taken during a tree pruning expedition last summer.  Needs a little work, huh?

In this photo you can see that our original fence was set WAY back from the front of our home.  The new fence is set back only three feet so we have more usable space in the backyard.  Again, this photo was taken last summer before we painted the house. 

Yet another look at the original fence in ill repair.

The new fence we share with our neighbors was raised up a foot to give us both more privacy.  Our kitchen windows look directly into one another.  My husband and our neighbor used metal support posts called Z posts to prevent rotting.  You can’t even see them once the pickets are up which I love!

Before we didn’t have a gate on the left side of the yard and now we do!

This photo was taken from the backyard looking forward.

More fence work to come and we still have the remainder of the left side to finish plus the back fence and the right side.  Fun, fun, fun…

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