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A Closet Makeover for Mom

Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to write this post.  Last week I re-designed my mother’s closet as a surprise for her birthday.  I can’t think of a more deserving person than my mom and she has been wanting to re-do her closet forever.  She went to San Diego this past weekend to celebrate her birthday and I pounced on the opportunity to makeover her closet while she was gone.

I conspired with her boyfriend, Mike, so that I could scope out the closet in advance and create a game plan.  Mike also left me a hidden key so I could access her townhouse while they were away.  Lucky for me I have installed four closets on my own in our house so I knew exactly what I would need for the job.

Below is a list of challenges in the original closet:

1)  Old, wooden, closet rod and shelf with single row of hang space

2)  Shoes in mismatched organizers on the floor

3)  Mismatched hangers

4)  No concealed storage for hats and miscellaneous items

5)  JEWERY STORAGE…this was my biggest challenge (my mom has a ton of jewelry, it was all over the place and not easily visable)

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So I began my plan of attack by purchasing three Rubbermaid closet organizers from  I bought the 3-6ft length since none of the closet walls were wider than 6 ft.  I used these organizers in my own home and they work fabulously.  They are configurable and therefore can be tailored to many different spaces.  I purchased the titanium finish since it looks a bit classier than plain white.

I also struck gold when I found two different jewelry organizers (one from TJ Max and the other from Home Goods) in the same finish.  These babies held a TON of earrings.  My mom was storing her earrings in a garage organizer with tons of tiny drawers.  Organized, but not at all functional given she could not see what she had at a glance.  I believe the original organizer can be blamed for the massive number of earrings my mother owns since she could never see all she had.

As far as necklaces go my mom has lots of chunky necklaces and they were stored both inside and outside of the closet.  I scoured the internet for necklace storage ideas and came across a photo of necklaces hung on a towel bar using shower curtain rings.  Genius!  Inexpensive, creative and very functional.

I have learned that the key to a beautiful closet is quality, matching hangers.  For my own closet we use slim line, no slip, hangers from Costco and they work like a charm.  Not only do they hang clothes beautifully but they literally double your hang space because they are so slim.  I purchased four boxes at $10 a piece for my mom’s closet.

As far as shoe organization is concerned I am a huge fan of getting things up off the floor.  Not only can you see them better but you have more room to double hang clothing.  To tackle shoe storage for myself and my mom I use clear plastic boxes that are stackable.  Mine were purchased many years ago from The Container Store but I got my mom’s for much less at Walmart.

It is somewhat difficult to see shoes inside the boxes and so I took pictures of each pair, laminated the photos and attached them to each box using scrapbook Zots.  I haven’t even done this for my own shoes and it turned out wonderfully so stay tuned for post on an improvement to my own closet.

On the day of the install I had both my children with me till 5 pm and still managed to get 95% of the job completed.  I would not recommend trying to demo a closet with young children present but my kids live in a DIY household and know when to stay out of the way.

I emptied the closet of all contents and began to rip the old shelf and rods out using a crow bar and hammer.  I have to admit this part was difficult as my husband normally does the demo for our projects but I managed to get them out without too much trouble.

I then patched the old holes with spackle and painted the wall where the old shelf had been.  The paint hadn’t fully dried when I began to install the new organizers.  First I hung the top rails and then I began to design the layout of hanging space vs. shelving and a designated spot for jewelry.

I switched my design quite a bit from my original plan but it was a snap with the flexibility of the Rubbermaid organizers.

Once the clothes were hung on their new hangers, the shoes were in their boxes and the jewelry was in it’s new home I was ready for finishing touches.  I made labels for the storage boxes, framed a few photos of my kids, added shoe photos to each box, and hung my spray painted Kristaller from Ikea.  Every woman’s closet needs some sparkle, right?

My mom is over the moon for her new closet.  She cried of course and I hope it saves her tons of time and effort each day when she’s getting ready.  I may have to turn this into a side business.  Does your closet need a makeover?

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