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Yard, Yard, Yard

I apologize that it has been so long since my last post but as you can see by this post we have been VERY busy in our yard.  We are pushing to finish the front and back before the height of the summer.  So far so good in regards to our progress. Enjoy the photos!

We had the yard leveled and trenched in the winter so that we could install irrigation below ground and rectify some drainage issues we have during the rainy season.  We installed french drains and irrigation pipe in the spring and covered over the trenches.

We created a walkway in the front yard with a concrete mold and some concrete stain.

We built lattice barriers in front of the propane tank and our pool equipment so we don’t have to look at them.  Rob also replaced the pool equipment with a DE filter he found on Craigslist and poured a new pad for system (Sophie put her stamp on it with a single paw print right in the center of the new concrete).

We installed bender board for the lawn and planting areas and filled in each area with top soil.

Memorial day weekend we assembled a play structure for the kids and filled in the area with playground bark.   The structure came in literally hundreds of pieces but we managed to put the whole thing together in two days.  The kids LOVE it!

This weekend we tackled the sod installation, more planting, more drip irrigation and in the end sheer exhaustion.

This post seems so short in comparison to months of back breaking labor and intense planning.  We are thrilled with how everything is turning out.  We still need to replace the remaining fences, plant flowers and shrubs and spread bark and pea gravel.  We plan to put four garden beds in the side yard (pic above) which we will likely build later this year and plant next spring.  In the midst of the outdoor extravaganza we have also been working on switching things up in Callie’s room so stay tuned for a post on our work inside the house coming soon.

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