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Bookcase Reveal

I am so excited to show you this post.  A few weeks back I gave you a sneak peak at some awful 80’s bookcases I got for a steal ($18 a piece) at Goodwill.  Well they originally were going to go in my son’s room but after much deliberation I decided to turn our office into a playroom and move my workstation into our family room.  I am so glad I did because this may be one of my favorite projects so far.

I began by removing all the doors and drawers from each bookcase.  The hardware was inset into the frames so I had to fill and sand a BUNCH. The top portion of the bookcases had been converted to hanging space for clothing, rod and all.   The rods were removed and the holes were filled and sanded.  They already look much better without doors!

I did not take pictures of the steps between the phase above and the finished product.  Sometimes when you are so busy trying to complete a project stopping to take photos seems counter productive.  We removed the backs of the bookcases because they were a bit damaged and I prefer the look of bead board backs.  Once the bookcases were sanded top to bottom I applied a primer coat and then 2-3 coats of paint.  I purchased the bead board from Lowes and had it cut to the correct width.  I also bought MDF and 1×2 trim to create the shelves.  I painted the bead board a dark grey (same color as our lower kitchen cabinets) while my hubby cut the shelves and applied the trim.  The shelves got a coat of primer and two coats of paint.  We attached the bead board, secured the bookcases to the wall with L-brackets screwed into the studs, and created simple brackets for the center shelves to rest on.  I LOVE how it turned out.  In case you are curious, the desk is a piece we already own.  It’s the Incognito Desk from Crate and Barrel and probably one of the nicest and most expensive pieces of furniture we own.  There is a special place in my heart for furniture I bought finished and didn’t have to slave over.  The desk literally fit just perfectly between the bookcases and makes the entire unit feel built-in.  Check it out!

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Callie’s 2nd Birthday: A Whale of a Time

I am so behind on my posts that I am only going to include pictures of Callie’s birthday decor and no “how to’s”.  Per the usual, most of it I made.  If you have specific questions on any of the crafts please make a comment and I will respond to you with the details.

Projects in the works

I have a few half completed projects or ideas that I have been toying around over the last few months.  Below is a sneak peek at what’s to come…

I picked up these beauties at Goodwill for $18 dollars a piece.  They will be transformed to act as office storage for our front room on either side of a desk.  You have to squint your eyes and imagine them without doors and 80’s hardware, painted white with bead board backs.  They will be pretty someday I promise.

This is a project I have already started and can’t seem to finish…hmmm…maybe because it is really time consuming and absorbs most of the patience I try to reserve for my children, ha!  Anyway, it’s in the works and I love it so far.  I will reveal the finished product soon.  You may recognize the stencil from my office closet.

I have decided to turn our office into a playroom for the kids.  I am tired of seeing their toys strewn across my family room every evening and I think it will be better for them and my sanity if I can close the door to a room that contains their toys on those days when I can’t bring myself to clean up one more mess.  In addition, should we choose to add another child to our family I can easily convert the playroom into a nursery.  I am OBSESSED with the floral fabric (lower left) in my mood board.  Sarah Richardson used it in a nursery she designed for her daughter many years ago and I have had my eye on it ever since.

We will also be making some minor changes in Mason’s room.  He desperately wants a bunk bed and with our lack of guest room it would be nice to have the option to put both kids in one room when we have company stay the night.

Callie’s New Room: Part I

It has been so long since my last post that the pictures I include in this post are soon to be outdated (some already are).  We are beginning to transition Callie from her nursery into her big girl bedroom.  Thus far we have painted the room a soft pink, added bead board wainscoting, moved in Mason’s old twin bed and changed out some artwork (twice).

Here’s what the room looked like before:

We moved the crib under the window to accommodate the twin bed.  Callie still stays in her crib without trying to escape so we aren’t in a huge hurry to put her in a bed just yet.

I spray painted the curtain rod antique brass to match the rest of the room’s decor.  It’s sort of vintage and fun!  Below is the best shot of the bead board wainscoting.  The room is a bit crowded with furniture at the moment.

The artwork in this shot has already been replaced.  Yes, I know, I change my mind WAY too much.  I am my own worst critic and many times when I create artwork on my own I don’t like it and swap it out.  I found the wooden tree on clearance at Home Goods for $15.  It was the perfect color pink for her room but it was stained and dirty so I had to repaint it (a similar shade to the original).  The flowers on the wall are from Target and I spray painted them antique gold (they were silver originally).  The name art is an old frame I spray painted and a decal I purchased on Etsy.

So after staring at my handy work in Callie’s room for weeks I saw an idea on Pinterest for vintage Barbie artwork.  I can’t afford to buy the framed prints so I purchased the 2013 Barbie calendar, cut the prints apart, framed and matted them.  The frames were $5 each at Walmart and I spray painted them antique brass.  The mattes were $3 each at Michaels.  You can see my inspiration below.

This is how the frames look in Callie’s room.  I only framed eight prints since I wasn’t in love with all twelve prints.  In more than a few of them Barbie has her eyes closed which I find super weird.  I tried to avoid framing those. I LOVE how it turned out!

So we will move Callie out of her crib in the next few months.  I have been carefully planning the furniture choices for her small room.  Below is my inspiration board for whats to come.