Ikea Expedit: 4th Room’s a Charm

I am a little reluctant to admit that our Ikea Expedit bookcase has changed rooms a staggering four times in our home.  I guess it’s a testament to how versatile it is as a piece of furniture (or maybe it’s the fact that I love to “re-do” rooms).  Let’s review where the Expedit has been and the purpose it has served in each space.

When we first moved into our home we purchased the Expedit to store our kids toys in the family room:

Expedit 1

I liked the functionality of the piece but decided I would rather have a more “built-in” look.  The Expedit was replaced by the bookshelves in this post.  We moved it into our home office which you can see in the picture below:

Expedit 2

I love how much “stuff” the Expedit holds but my two year old was pulling everything she could reach off the shelves on a daily basis and I was sick of kid’s toys all over the family room.  When I purchased the Goodwill bookcases I knew it was time to create a home office in our family room and turn our fourth bedroom into a playroom.  At this point I didn’t really have a place for the Expedit and I even tried to sell it.  Gladly, it didn’t sell and I found a home for it in our son’s room:

Expedit 3

My son’s bed doesn’t have a headboard so I put the Expedit behind the bed for additional storage.  Please excuse this picture, I guess I never took a photo of the bookcase styled and the bed made.  I snapped this shot just before the Expedit’s fourth move.  This photo provides a sneak peak at some of the changes in Mason’s room.  We bought him a loft bed from Ikea to go over his queen but it was too tall for our standard height ceilings and thus we had to cut it down.  The bookcase would no longer fit under the loft bed (more on that later).

And so we come to the Expedit in it’s final resting place.  Someday, when we remodel our master bathroom, it will have to leave the nest but for now it functions quite nicely for bathroom storage:Expedit 4

There were things I needed to store, like swimming towels, that I did not want on display.  To cover the lower eight cubbies, I hung a narrow curtain rod on the front of the bookcase and attached two curtain panels with rings and clips.  The curtain is actually a shower curtain I picked up at TJ Max several months ago.  I cut it down and hemmed it with no sew hem tape.  It works like a charm.  Here’s a closer look:

Expedit 5

4 thoughts on “Ikea Expedit: 4th Room’s a Charm

  1. Hi! Stumbled across your post/site on Pinterest while looking for ideas of Expedit shelving with a curtain rod attached. You were, surprisingly, the only one I could find online. Anyways, love the look of the curtain rod on your shelving! I have the smaller four cube expedit in my daughter’s room that has a gerbil cage on top and the baskets underneath hold food/accessories as well as her craft items. I wanted to put a café rod and curtain to keep the cedar chips from falling into the cube baskets and making a mess. I think put a curtain up would help with that. My concern is will I be able to easily drill into the shelving to add the curtain rod? Can you tell me anything that I should be aware of before doing this? Tips/Advice? Also, how has the curtain rod held up since you attached it? Thanks for any suggestions or advice you can give!

    • Hello Julie,

      Thank you for your comment. It is very easy to drill into the Expedit. We predrilled holes using a very small bit and then screwed in the curtain hardware by hand. The curtain rod has held up great. The Expedit is now in my son’s room and the curtain became a nuisance for him so we took it off. The hardware is still attached, we only removed the fabric curtain. I would measure really well before you drill as you want to make sure the rod hangs level with the shelves. Best of luck!

  2. I, too, came across your site via Pinterest. I was interested in your organization boxes in the second picture from the top. Specifically, the blue drawers in the top left(facing the pic) cubbie. I know it’s been a while since you posted, so here’s hoping you’ll see this! Merry Christmas!

    • Hello! Merry Christmas to you as well. The cubbies you are referring to are from Ikea and were purchased many many years ago. It was raw wood that I painted blue and added label plates to. Unfortunately, I don’t think they carry them anymore. Thank you for your comment.

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