A Little Trim Goes a Long Way

I ♥ LOTS of molding in a house.  I think that’s what gives a house character.  I would install molding in every room if I had the time and money.  Oh, and a husband who was willing to do the job.  In our previous home we installed board and batten molding in our hallway.  It was our first attempt at a project of that kind and we learned a lot.  I have been begging my husband to add some molding detail to the exterior of our very plain peninsula cabinet in our kitchen since we moved in.  Not that he hasn’t been busy, I get it, but this was something I really wanted.  So we bought the trim, made the cuts, nailed it on, caulked and painted it.  I think it turned out awesome.  We have a single cabinet door on the side of the peninsula that faces our dining room so this really helped balance out the awkwardness of the single door.  Check out the dramatic before and after of the peninsula.  Turns out I don’t have a photo of the peninsula with the kitchen after our remodel.

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