Hot Tub Resurrection

I call the spa makeover a “resurrection” because the thing was in such poor shape it literally looks like we brought it back from the dead.  The 20+ year old spa came with the house when we bought it. You can see what a “hot mess” it is in the picture below.  We didn’t touch it for over a year while we finished the interior of our home.  We LOVE hot tubs and were delighted that we had one to use when we got around to fixing it.  For Christmas 2011 we asked our families to help us pay for some spa repairs and a new cover.  So the spa was repaired and we waited anxiously for weeks for the new cover to arrive.
When the cover FINALLY arrived it was time to empty the spa, clean it out, repair some exterior trim and paint the sucker.  The spa exterior had not been maintained in years, if ever, so it was in really rough shape to say the least.  I didn’t think a wood stain would restore it to it’s original glory or protect it from the elements in the same way that paint would.  We had lots of left over paint from painting our home’s exterior last summer so we used it to paint up the spa.  I am AMAZED!  I think it looks brand new.  Of course we finally get the thing looking beautiful and with all our hard work we can’t wait to enjoy it and it won’t turn on.  After another call to the spa man we are up and running.  Like many things in life, it was worth the wait.

2 thoughts on “Hot Tub Resurrection

    • Ours was in such rough shape the wood was already bare so I didn’t need to sand. It has been awhile but I think I sanded a few areas that were splintered but that was just to avoid them breaking off in the future.

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