Refinishing Furniture

I love to refinish old furniture.  I truly believe there is nothing that cannot be transformed with a coat of paint.

I bought this sofa table at our local hospice for $11 bucks.  Some sanding, primer and a coat of aqua paint and voila!  The piece had great detail and character so I knew it would look awesome with a little TLC.  It was originally in my hallway but the space was feeling a little cramped so I moved it behind my sofa, added some large baskets from Target for more toy storage and put two lamps on top for additional lighting.  I LOVE it!  Someday I would like to “stage” the top with books and decorative objects but my 18 month old likes to grab and throw things so it’s not in the cards at this moment in time.

I wish I had a better before picture of this antique hutch.  We purchased it at an antique store that was going out of business.  We got it for a song, $175 for the hutch plus a huge dresser for my daughter’s room (see below).  I have a collection of white ceramics and I knew they would look spectacular displayed in this baby.  It was originally a honey toned wood.  I sanded it and primed it.  It is at this stage in the “before” photo.  I then painted it using Sherwin Williams Pro Classic paint in white.  This paint is AWESOME!  I have used it for all of my painted furniture and cabinetry.  It dries really hard and doesn’t leave brush strokes.  So many of my previously painted furniture pieces remain sort of sticky after they dry I have to be super careful not to put anything on them that doesn’t have a felt bottom.  Not with the Pro Classic paint.  This stuff dries hard and I never have to worry about things sticking later.  It’s a bit pricey at $65 a gallon but it’s well worth the cost for furniture that will stand the test of time (or furniture that takes lots of abuse from small children).

Ok, enough about the paint.  After the hutch was painted I wallpapered the back and the inside of the drawers using Allen and Roth paintable wallpaper from Lowes.  I wanted my ceramics to stand out and there was no way that was going to happen against a white backdrop.  I had a bunch of old paint from past projects so I custom mixed my own color for the wallpaper.  It’s a very pretty tealy, turquoise blue.  I did not paint the inside of the drawers, I left them white.  I added some new hardware to the drawers, also Allen and Roth.  The piece was missing doors for the bottom shelves and it looks pretty bad on the inside even with a little paint.  My father in law is amazing at carpentry so I am hoping to have him build me two large, custom doors for the bottom.  Probably shaker style, maybe a mullion running vertically or horizontally just to give them a bit more character.  Stay tuned for an update on this piece.

This dresser was purchased in conjunction with the hutch above.  Again, I was remiss in taking a “before” picture with the original finish.  The wood was in decent shape minus a broken piece of trim which we removed before sanding.  This dresser is so deep and holds a ton of stuff in my daughter’s room.  I fell in love with the vintage hardware, I am on an antique brass kick right now.  Sadly, my husband removed the hardware in my absence and threw away one of the large pulls.  He said it was broken, I was beyond furious since the pull cannot be replaced.  After I regained my composure I was able to find a more substantial pull online to coordinate with the four small pulls I could still use for the top drawers (the three remaining large pulls were added to my desk, see below).  The dresser got a coat of my favorite white paint and the drawers were painted a corally pink.  I originally planned on stenciling the drawer fronts as I have seen a ton of cute dressers on Pinterest with stenciling but for now I am liking it the way it is.  I have big plans for my little girls room this summer when we transition her out of the crib and into a “big girl” bed.  I will wait to see how the rest of the room comes together before I tweak this dresser.

This is my desk from childhood.  It was purchased for me as a teen along with an armoire, two nightstands and an iron bed.  It is a quality piece of solid wood furniture that my folks paid a grip for back in the day.  It has transitioned with me through eight moves and I wanted to keep it despite the hideous, outdated, honey wood tone.  So I began my latest office project keeping in mind a use for the desk.  My office is a bit of a sore spot with me (and my husband) since we moved into our home.  Given the adjustments we have made to the layout of the home, I lost the window in my office.  With the absence of natural light I like almost nothing in the space.  Since I needed more room to craft, I decided to move a desk into the office closet to house our computer.  We had to cut the desktop sides and the front with a circular saw to make it fit in the closet.  We then belt sanded the top to remove all the old finish and mouse sanded the rest.  We stained the top with a dark Java stain, primed and painted the bottom white.  I added the “left over” pulls from my daughter’s dresser and ta-da!  I think it’s so fabulous.

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