Target “Built-in” Bookcase

Several of the blogs I follow have used Ikea bookcases to create the look of custom built-ins and I have been drooling over this idea for as long as I can remember. I ♥ built-ins almost as much as I ♥ molding.  My true inspiration for this project came from a tutorial for DIY built-ins at Mini Manor. The Ikea in my area is 45 minutes from my house and I couldn’t warrant a special trip to scope out bookcases.  Then I was at Target, one of my favorite stores, and I saw the reStyle bookcases for $20 a piece.  Three bookcases for $60 bucks could not be beat even at Ikea.  I scooped them up and hurried home to tell my hubby about his new weekend project.  I wanted to offset my center bookcase in front of the other two so a top was in order to hide the mess underneath.  Off to Home Depot we went for the top board and trim pieces.  We had some leftover bead-board from our hall bathroom remodel that we added to the backs of the bookcases to make them sturdier AND more attractive.  I assembled the bookcases and attached the bead-board horizontally so that we didn’t have to buy additional pieces.   I painted the bead-board aqua to match my living room color scheme.  I had the paint already from my sofa table project.  The bookcases were then screwed together and the top was attached.  Trim was added to the top and bottom and painted white to match the melamine on the bookcases.  They work perfectly for housing all of my bins for the kids toys and for displaying some adult pretty objects on top out of reach of the children.


6 thoughts on “Target “Built-in” Bookcase

    • We attached the trim with finish nails. My husband has a nail gun attachment for our air compressor but you could use a hammer and finish nails, and a nail punch to countersink them. I filled the holes with spackle, then painted the trim. I hope that helps.

    • We used small screws to attach the bookcases and painted the heads white so they would be less noticeable. I think there are three screws in each. We didn’t do anything with the seams where they meet since they were very tight seams and I didn’t want to caulk them and have to paint the melamine.

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