Ikea Desktop Organizer: 3rd Times a Charm

Many of the projects I undertake have two or more iterations.  I am my own worst critic and if I am not satisfied with something I have created the first go around I will likely modify it a second or third time until I am satisfied with the outcome.  This is one of those projects.  I purchased this wooden drawer organizer from Ikea many moons ago.  It remained in it’s natural state for the majority of the time I owned it until I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and began to work on her nursery.  
I started by mod podging scrapbook paper to the front of each of the drawers.  I then spray painted the base hot pink.  I wasn’t happy with the finish of the spray paint on the top and sides.  I wanted to cover them with scrapbook paper as well but they were too wide for a 12×12 sheet and I didn’t want a “pieced” together look.  I decided to use spray adhesive and fabric to cover the outside.  It was a bit tricky but I obtained the desired affect.  I then purchased label holders from the craft store, measured and drilled tiny holes and attached the holders using small brands.  The wood is not thick so the brads support the label holders no problem.  I created the labels on my computer, cut them and placed them in the slots.  It was really cute for holding baby supplies but I wasn’t super happy with the look and thus it ended up in the nursery closet and not prominently displayed.
Since I was never truly happy with the organizer AND it was no longer needed for housing baby supplies, I made-over the item once again for my office.  I peeled off the paper from the drawer fronts and removed the fabric from the top and sides.  It took a bit of elbow grease to scrape off all the sticky bits of paper with Goof-Off and some of the drawers needed to be sanded with my mouse sander as well.  I spray painted the base white and hand painted the drawer fronts with some navy craft paint I had from another project.  Lastly, I sprayed the silver label holders antique gold and made new labels to go inside.  I really LOVE it this time and it fits perfectly in the Ikea Expedit in my office.
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