House Tour – Before and Afters

Welcome to our home. We purchased our ranch style abode in November 2010.  The house was built in 1979 and is a single story with four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  I wasn’t able to get “before” shots of every room prior to demolition so bear with me.  We were in a huge hurry to renovate and move into our home with our then four month old baby girl and a two year old son. Some of the rooms in our home were in a state of disrepair with bare drywall or missing baseboards.  Other rooms were simply dated or poorly laid out.  The house was a foreclosure and we were looking for a “fixer” so we saw potential in the space from day one.

Front Yard  (Landscaping slated for the Spring of 2012)

Entry and Hallway


Eating Nook

Dining Room

Living Room

Guest Bathroom


Mason’s Room

Callie’s Room

Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Master Bathroom

Laundry Room



8 thoughts on “House Tour – Before and Afters

  1. Wow!!! I think you two should be on HGTV. Your home is so beautiful. You should be a professional decorator, Katie. I would love to see it in person someday. You have inspired me to make some changes on my home.
    Val Downs

  2. Hi Kate! It’s Karen from Upholstery class. I was talking to Toni and I have a question. I would love to create an area for my necklaces; however, it would be out (not stored in the closet). Do you have any ideas for me? Love seeing the blog and, of course, your home. You & Rob are amazing!!!!! See you soon.

    • Hi Karen! Long time no see. Toni told me your chair turned out great. I have a couple ideas for jewelry storage that is on display. One, I did in my mom’s closet and you can see it on my blog. You attach a short towel bar to the wall and hang the necklaces from “s” shaped shower curtain rings. Very cheap and very effective. My mom had a TON of chunky necklaces so this was the best bet for her. If your stuff is more delicate I like the idea of placing laser cut tin or chicken wire in any empty frame and hanging the necklaces on there. I can send you pics of both ideas if you like. I can get your email from Toni.

  3. I would love to see the pictures, especially the framed option. I have an empty frame that would work just fine but I need a visual. Your Mom’s closet make-over was beautiful. Toni can give you my email address. Thanks!

  4. you have done an amazing job on the house! you had a very clear vision – great decorating and organizing ideas! i’d very much appreciate knowing some of the paint colors if possible. particularly the grays. thanks!!

    • Thank you Amy! The gray color that is on most of the walls in my home was actually an accident. I bought five gallons of paint from Sherwin Williams that turned out to be more mauve than gray, yikes. I had to have the paint custom tinted to create the color I was aiming for. Thus, I cannot provide an exact match to what I used but a close approximation. There is a Sherwin William’s color called “Gray Screen” that is very close to my wall color. The darker gray on my lower cabinets and on the walls in my master bedroom is also Sherwin Williams and is called “Proper Gray”. I hope that helps!

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